Smart TV setting


On your Samsung or LG Smart TV’s app store, download and install the IPTV Smarters app. Once installed, launch the app and then use your username and password along with this portal URL below to sign in:
Once logged in the app will function just like the IPTV Smarters we all know and love! This just adds yet another platform in which to stream our service! Enjoy!



Using FileLinked Use Code “12691955”  

Using Downloader Follow Steps Below

Step 1 – Enable apps from unknown sources

-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to Settings and then to Device.
-Go to Developer Options.
-Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning.

Step 2 – install downloader app on amazon fire tv stick or box

-Go back to Amazon Fire TV home screen and scroll to the Search option (top right, right beside the Home option).
-Type in Downloader in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say “Downloader”
-Once you have typed in Downloader scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.
-On the next screen, select Downloader and then on the next screen press Get.

Step 3 – Download the Vue Media app

-After you open the Downloader app, highlight the text box and click on it, then type the link below:

Step 4 – click download, then install

-After you download the APK file, install it by clicking Install in the lower right corner.
-After its installed, click Open
-Once you open it, type your username and password which was you requested to be emailed to you after purchase.

android phone

Android Phone setting

Step 1. Go to the Google Playstore.
Step 2. Search Iptv Smarters Pro.
Step 3. Install app.
Step 4. Open app.
Step 5. Select Login with Xtream Codes Api.
Step 5. Enter your login details.
Name Vue Media
Username (Your Username)
Password (Your Password)
Step 6. Add User

iphone 1

Apple iOS devices(Apple TV 4/4K, iPad, iPhone)

install GSE Smart IPTV in App Store

select the Xtream Codes API setting

edit the portal.

Enter your username and password and Portal URL

For much easier setting, we recommend application called TVID PRO for iOS users.


In AppStore, search for TVID PRO app

Install and enter the details below:
“Name” type in Media One
“Username” enter your username
“Password” enter your password


Streaming  on Windows Device or PC

Use Our Webplayer


Streaming  on
Your Xbox One

1,Download & Install MyIPTV Player To your Windows 10 PC or Xbox 1
2,Launch MyIPTV Player & Go to Settings
3,Click “Add new playlist and EPG source”
Under “Remote channel List”put Name as Media One and URL as:
*be sure to change YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD
4,Click “Add remote list”
5,Under “Program guide (EPG)” put Name as Media One and URL as:
*be sure to change YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD
Click “Add EPG source”
6,Hit the back arrow in top left
7,Right below “Select channel playlist” select ˜Remote: beast”in the drop down menu then click the ˜Refresh”button underneath
8,Click Channels and select channel to watch
Note: Right below “Channels” should be all the categories of channels you can select
You can also use the “Program guide”link to give you a guide


Ps4 settingS

Locate browser:

  • Go to
  • Enter Login Details
  • Enjoy


Formuler /Dreamlink

(Username Login, NO MAC required)

Create Profile Named Vue Media, enter portal URL

Check login required YES

Enter your username and password.


Streaming  with VLC on Computer (Windows/ MAC)

  1. install VLC player, it is free application, just download online and install it
  2. Get M3U playlist file
    change the link below, replace AAAAAA and BBBBBB with your username and password respectively,
    then copy to browser to download the playlist file
    ***change AAAAAA to your Media One username and BBBBBB to your Media One password
  3. download the playlist file (suggest using Firefox browser to download)
  4. open the downloaded file with VLC application
  5. Check if it is working, if working, just move the m3u file to media library (the second line)